Where did June go?

Some how, June went speeding by!  Some good traveling went on with our family, so it is not surprising that the month sped by.  Don went to Edinburgh for a conference and mom and I help the fort down.  Then I went to my 35th college reunion.  Usually that is not a big year for reunions, but one person started emailing a bunch of us and it snowballed from there.  Had a great time – lots of laughter – just what I needed.  The day that I returned, Don also returned.  The next day KT came home from China.  She would have stayed longer, but she will be gone most of the summer, so it was good to have her home.  My brother-in-law Paul visited while he was in Baltimore for a conference.  And I was not even done with school yet!  The last week in June I went to a really good tech ed conference in the Boston burbs and used that trip to visit with my Needham neighbors.  We compared our current group photo with the ones take when we did a scavenger hunt almost 25 years ago!  Was that really us?  I also went to the Cape and Providence to visit friends that retired there.  Through the last part of the trip there was an offer and negotiations on my mom’s condo.  So guess what I will be doing in July?


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