Crossing off one state and two nps

Having done alot of cross country car travel as a child, at one point I generated a list of states that I had been to.  At some point it was easier to list which ones I had not been to, and recently I was down to three – Florida, Mississippi ( I have been in the airport changing planes, but I don’t think that counts) and North Dakota.  I also love to visit the national parks and have made a list of which ones I have gone to and which ones I want to go to.  Last week Don was at a conference in Miami and so I joined him there afterwards…one state and two national parks later!

My first day in Miami was not all that warm, but it was clear and our hotel was right on the water.  While there we went to the Shark Valley section of  Everglades National Park.  We walked around a bunch and then on the suggestion of a friend, we took the narrated tram ride which was great.  We saw lots of gators and then so many birds, primarily anhingas, herons and egrets.

On our way to the Keys we went to Biscayne National Park.

Lots of beautiful coral rock in the stonework…

Our last days were in Key West.  The drive down and back were great, but we really did not have the time to stop and explore as much as we wanted.  We stayed at this castle of a place on the southernmost tip of the key.

Our room was in the turret section on the second floor with our own porch – and this was the view…

Needless to say…it was hard to come back to the cold.  How many more weeks of winter?


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