30 something years in the seventh grade…

Yup, that is what I have done.  You would think that at some point I would graduate.  Actually I teach one set of eighth graders also, but I really am immersed in seventh grade.  For better or worse I have hung out with seventh graders for the better part of my career.  Although I have taught science to all grades kindergarten through twelth grade, I have definitely settled into seventh grade.  And loved them.  I have just finished two days of parent conferences in which I talk with parents about what sometimes seems like this stranger that has arrived in the place of their child.  Sometimes they look to me for wisdom and I share my observations and experience.  I explain and cajole and let them know that this is normal and the possible pushback is part of the ir child’s growth.  When necessary we work together to come up with a plan.  They are exhausting days, but in the end, it really did feel as if I did something good.


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