Call a friend…

I have been thinking about friends and friendship a lot this week.  It started a few days ago with a call from a good friend from college.  We met the first day of freshman year, went through college, both moved to Austin for grad school, both moved to DC…but when I moved to Boston, she moved to Cairo – yes in Egypt, not in Illinois.  That was over 30 years ago.  She has since lived all over the world, but we always kept in touch – at least once a year.  Now that she lives closer, I don’t see her all that much more often.  But whenever we connect – we TALK, sometimes a bit nonstop.  It is such a grounded friendship that we can pick up from where we left off, as though time has not passed.  I described this to my daughter, who was able to liken this to her friendships with some of her friends from school.  The importance of friends came up with a colleague today, and again I was reminded that despite our busy lives, it important to maintain relationships that we value.  So, remember to call a friend, just to say hi.  Who are you going to call this weekend?


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