You gotta love them….

my advisees that is…seventh graders through and through.  Every Thursday my ten advisees and I have a leisurely lunch together, sitting around a large table complete with a tablecloth.  Yesterday we were discussing athletics and their upcoming competitions.  I related to them my first teaching job in which I was required to coach a high school sport.  Never having been on a team in the roughly 2 years that I had of high school athletics, I was ill qualified to coach much of anything.  Needless to say I was  assigned to whatever was needed, assistant JV softball coach.  I confessed to my advisees that no one seemed concerned that I could not hit, catch or throw a ball and thus would not have much to offer.  Au contraire, they insisted – and spontaneously several of them got up and did a slow mo of throwing or catching the ball as other students were the announcers narrating what was happening on the field ” and the pitcher steps up to  mound and contracts his right deltoid, ohh, now he is contracting his latissimus  and now contracting his pectoralis while relaxing his latissimus…” and on it went….the good cheer and support made me smile – so this is why I do this… and as I said – you gotta love them.  And, how do you think that they did on the muscular system test they just had?


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