Sometimes my memory just isn’t as good as I would like it to be. Last summer there was some required closet cleaning going on. We have been in our home for over twenty years and some closets you just don’t get to. So, I found this roll of muslim fabric, hmmm, rolled with paper. No idea what it is, so I unroll it, and here is what I saw…What you cannot tell from the picture is how big this is…it is the full width of the fabric, over 40 inches across. A rubbing with charcoal on fabric, of what? A manhole cover was my guess, but where or when? I thought about it for a while – we are talking days here- and eventually had some inkling that I did this long ago when I was in grad school in Austin. This was likely a two woman job, so I called my trusty buddy who went to college and grad school with me to see if she remembered doing this and sure enough she did. Mystery solved! Well, at least the what and where, but not the why. Oh,well…any ideas of what to do with it now?


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