W.I.P. Wednesday

Last week was staff week and today was the first day of….children!  Feels good to finally get started.  Here is the progress report!

Completed….no quilts or projects all done

Ongoing Projects

Aqua and Red Bee – I finished two blocks.  I really like this pattern and will need to make some of these for my own Aqua and Red quilt.  I photographed them in different places.  I was surprised how one really looked better than the other.

Green Holiday Project – No more bags made…but I did think about it!

Staff week had some sitting in meetings….this is the scarf that I started and knit about 3 inches on while at the beach.  It is made of leftover Noro yarn that I inherited from a friend when she was cleaning out before moving.  Good to keep my hands occupied as I listen, good to get it out of my stash – gratifying to make something entirely from stash and use it up.  Hopefully some stranger will enjoy it as there are entirely too many scarves in my house!

Tops Awaiting quilting – flannel one for 100 Quilts for Kids

No Progress

Supernova quilt from Freshly Pieced

Blogger’s Block-a-palooza – stalled 1/3 way through – should I take it off of the list?

Thank you for looking…wander over to freshly pieced to see what others are working on and be inspired!



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5 responses to “W.I.P. Wednesday

  1. Love the red and aqua colors, and that’s a great block pattern that looks fairly simple. I’ve been doing the back-to-school staff meetings this week… next Monday actual classes start. Summer went too fast!

  2. Love your aqua and red blocks!

  3. supermom

    Isn’t it funny how just a little difference in lighting can make the difference in how a photographed item looks. Your red and aqua blocks look great, even with the different lighting.

  4. i’ve made that block before and i love the effect. your aqua and red blocks are lovely.

  5. I’ve got to make myself a red and aqua quilt. 😀

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