Sunshine, finally!

I spend a lot of time wandering around the park and walking in my neighborhood.  There is a creek at the back of my backyard and to get to the park I must cross over the creek.  This is what the entrance to the park looked like today…

But…this is what it looked like on Thursday afternoon….please excuse hasty cell phone pics…it was going to rain some more!

I have not heard how much rain they thought that we got this week, but it was a lot!  And, in all of my years of school, I can recall only a handful of rainy first days.  Wednesday was not just rainy, it was torrential.  All was good, though.  We are off and running for another year!



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2 responses to “Sunshine, finally!

  1. heya! it’s kelly from katherinegibson.blogspot, a.k.a. ZERBERT! i wanted to send you some details on our new bee- please send me an email!


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