Isn’t it wonderful that…

so many people  would venture down to the National Mall to celebrate books and the written word?  KT and I went down Saturday to check out books, hear authors speak and hopefully get some books signed.  Despite the ominous looking sky, and enormous puddles from previous rains, there were crowds everywhere you went.  The Nation Book Festival had gigantic tents set up on the mall in the area between the two long rows of museums.A familiar landmark for the DC region…with a pretty ominous sky, eh?  Well, the lines to get books signed were so long that to be in place in line to get a book signed you would not be in place to hear the author speak, so we went for the latter.  We heard Tomie de Paola of Strega Nona fame (if you have not read these – they are fun children’s books, worth a look even if you don’t have kids) and then went to hear Amy Chua who wrote Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.  KT and I both had read Chua’s book and still found it interesting to hear her speak about it.  No matter what your views on parenting style, her book is interesting to read and prompts some great discussions.  Also, I was absolutely mesmerized by one of the signers at Chua’s talk.  I am not sure what a deaf person thinks makes a great interpreter, but this guy was so expressive that I just could not take my eyes off of him.  I was tempted to take a pic and post it, but thought that perhaps that was not in good taste.  Metro was doing track work so it took us a half hour just to get on a red line train heading home.  That did give us plenty of time to discuss what to make for dinner.  In honor of Tomie de Paola and Strega Nona we decided that we should have…..pasta!


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