Rainy days and paper

Piecing that is.  I have joined up with another bee – Piece Bee With You.  Paper piecing one block a month – for someone else – their choice of design.  Ms October choose fun little girls, and included some pictures as inspiration – but I could not find any patterns so I had to draft my own.  I guess that is what I enjoy about all of these online bees and swaps, a chance to try something different and improve my skills.  I started by pulling out fabric from my stash.  I also started a drawing on scrap paper.  Next I refined the picture so that there were straight lines and rows that could be connected to  make the design.I copied the drawing and cut apart the rows and started piecing the rows.  I had to remember to add seam allowance on the top and bottom of each row.  I always am afraid that I will forget to do that, but this time I was good about it.  There is a real advantage to doing things when you are fresh rather than at the end of a long work day 🙂I did make some major errors though…and had to do a bit of unpicking.Whoops…had to fix that!

From the beginning I was not sure about the head and face and figured that I would tinker with it when I got there.  The actual face was seamed and not paper pieced per se (sorry…was I violating some cosmic rule?)  but was then used as the first portion of the top row.  All in all I think that it came out OK – I am rather proud of my first foray into creating a paper pieced  pattern.  I shall post it on our Flickr page and see what the others think.  Here is my finished square…ta da!



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5 responses to “Rainy days and paper

  1. Ooh, that looks great! 🙂

  2. WEll done, you were the first brave enough to post something …lol! It looks great…now I need to get started!

  3. It does look great, I need to get started on mine too now

  4. So cute! Drafted mine and fabrics are pulled… now I just need to bite the bullet and start.

  5. i’ve got some preliminary sketches. they’re still in my brain, but they’re there! gotta get on it. this looks awesome.

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