Holiday Mug Rug Swap

I realized that I did not fully post about this during the summer…so…here goes!  Way back in July I participated in a Holiday Mug Rug Swap that I came across on Christmas Quilt Block Swap Australia.  I couldn’t commit to another long-term swap, but a one time mug rug swap – well, bring it on!  Such fun to pull out my bin of holiday fabrics.  My holiday bin also contains winter fabrics – snowflakes and the sort – and it was then that I realized that Australia was having winter in July and it would be summer at Christmas time – duh- I sort of already knew that!  How does that change what you think of the holiday season?  I first made this modern mug rug.  I absolutely love the fabric with the animals!

Then I had second thoughts that perhaps it might be too modern for someone so I made a second one that seemed more traditional to me.

And then I sent them off…and it astounded me how long it too to get to Australia…between three and four weeks for this wee envelope to get there!  In the meantime, here is what showed up in return.  The package from Crafty Pug not only had a lovely mug rug, but some other goodies, how sweet!  I especially liked getting a post card from where she lives.  Why didn’t I think of doing that?  Next time….

A mug rug swap was just the right size swap for me.  Anyone interested in doing one?



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2 responses to “Holiday Mug Rug Swap

  1. I’d love a mug-rug swap- it would be my first! Let me know if you decide to do one.

  2. I’d be interested…the timing (and my UFO project pile) my dictate whether I can do it.

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