Snow Day!!!

Not quite…but Saturday was pretty darn close.  We did get the tiniest bit of snow…

See it there?  I know…pretty small and pretty…lame.  But it gave me a reason to stay home and sew.  I engaged in the battle of the zipper and was the victor, hence completing my pouch for the Pretty {little} Pouch Swap on Flickr.  Here it is!


I also made a little pouch with a hex frame.  I never used the hex frames before and it was surprisingly easy.  Among other  goodies I will be sending one of my Green Holiday Project bags.

In addition to finishing up all of this, I did some mending and – what I most proud of – replace a fly zipper in a pair of my daughter’s pants.  This is the second time that I have done a fly zip in the past year, and I am pleased to say that I made none of the mistakes that I made last time.  I usually expect to make new ones…and did not even do that this time!  It was a very productive day – perhaps we should barely miss the snow more often!



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2 responses to “Snow Day!!!

  1. Yep, definitely looks like a snow day worth dedicating to sewing to me ;o) I want to try one of those flex frames soon, it’s on my list :o)

  2. Hehe, snow days are the best! Your rainbow pouch is super cute. 🙂

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