Feeling neglected…

Yes, if my machine could talk, I am sure that is what it would say.  We have a week more until winter break and I have 49 mini-posters to finish up and 63 lab reports.  Add in some quizzes and regular homework to grade, and I figure that I can now measure my work in inches -I figure that my pile to grade is six to seven inches high. 

Well, if you look carefully at the ruler at the back – it is 7 inches high!  I have a hard time justifying playing at the machine when that pile is so ominous and looking at me so scarily.  To add a bit of excitement to my worry about getting things done…today I woke up two hours later than I usually do.  Guess I was too tired to do a little thing like set my alarm.  What do you do when you realize that there is absolutely no way that you will get to work on time?  PANIC!!!  And then think for a moment.  Fortunately I have wonderful colleagues and we can fill in for each other here and there – and that there is technology so that we can even contact each other easily.  So my first period class had a guest teacher and not one child gave me grief for being late!  The day did get better from there:)



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3 responses to “Feeling neglected…

  1. Barbara

    Good luck, Lynne. 5 more days and then a long deserved break!!

  2. Yikes! Still, hope you can catch up on all you want to in your break :o)

  3. Gah! I know the feeling when you get up late for work — yuckos! I’m glad you have such fantastic co-workers. 🙂

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