Last finishes of the year

I have been knitting up a storm and finished the baby blanket , added a picot edge, and gave it a little bath.  It is all ready for the new baby, who arrived today!

I also dove into my stash and made some potholders for some relatives that my husband is going to visit.  I love it when I can make something completely out of my stash.  But then I think…what does that say about my stash?  Oh, well!

I also finished up a scarf that was the small carry around project this fall.  I love this yarn Malabrigo silky merino and the colors are just delicious!

I am not sure what I am going to work on for the remaining day of 2011.  Maybe I will break down and attack that awful stack of papers that are starting to call to me!



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2 responses to “Last finishes of the year

  1. Och, no, ignore the papers, leave them til Monday 😉 Great makes though, and that scarf looks lovely (although I’m getting itchy just looking at it unfortunately!)

    • Katy, The yarn is half silk, so it is really soft. I am not usually a silk person, but when you knit and the yarn runs through your fingers, I want something that feels good. I have checked out your blog and I love the bears – how adorable! It must be fum to give them each their own personality!

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