A question…

that perhaps someone can help me with.  I was sick for a few days and so when I was feeling a bit better yesterday I decided to try to sew these scarves that I had planned.  I bought two patterned pieces of voile and was planning on buying velveteen and making cloth scarves, voile on one side and velveteen on the other side.  Here is a pic of one of the fabrics..Source 

 With a rich deep colored velvet, won’t it look great?  Over the holidays I went to G Street Fabrics to buy coordinating velveteen.  Now you need to understand about G  Street Fabrics.  It used to be in downtown DC but sometime in the 1980s they moved to the suburbs.  This was quite a place…think of Mood in NYC for those PR junkies – like me!  You would see the socialites and dignitaries with their seamstresses and tailors choosing fabrics for suits and ball gowns.  Well….they do not carry velveteen and don’t even carry Liberty lawn cotton anymore.  So I bought some beautiful stretch velvet and that was that and set it aside for time to put it together.  Trouble is, when I started yesterday I cut it carefully and lined it up carefully and even used my walking foot, but is was soooo slippery that the edges were no longer lined up.  I unpicked and hand basted the edge and am ready to sew again.  Finally, here is my question.  Which side should I put on the bottom?  Any hints to help to keep the edges aligned?



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2 responses to “A question…

  1. I’ve found that my machine works a lot a lot a lot better when I put the stretchier fabric on the bottom. Have you noticed that your machine has a preference for that kind of thing, though?

  2. Oooh, brave girl with 2 slippy fabrics! I think I’d go with the velvet side down too

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