WIP Wednesday

I was sick for several days..including all weekend 😦   However, I did do a few things as I started to feel better.

 Aqua and Red Bee – I have made one of the February blocks…

Isn’t it bright and cheery?  Just one more block from this bee for this month.

Piece Bee with You –   This is my month and I have asked for aquatic organisms…so far there will be a jellyfish and three fish with some seaweed – aka SAV 🙂

[3×6] Sampler Mini-Bee – I have been planning and pulling out fabrics but have not cut into anything yet.

I am in a solids group…can’t you tell???

Pillow Talk {Swap} – I have been stalking and planning and think that I have an idea for my partner.  Again, no action yet.

Green Holiday Project – On hiatus – but I don’t want to forget about it.

No Progress

Supernova quilt from Freshly Pieced – Was nicely folded on guest room bed…but someone had the nerve to use the bed…so now not so nicely folded on guest room bed….

Summer Sampler Series – No progress, but I think that my mini-bee squares will get added to what I have already done.  Should be good!

I am linking up to Lee at freshly pieced – take a look and gather inspiration from what others have been doing this week!



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3 responses to “WIP Wednesday

  1. Sorry you weren’t well, hope you feel better soon. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to wrestle an octopus…

  2. Love the aqua and red combo! Glad you are feeling better!

  3. I’m glad you’re feeling better! What’s SAV? I’ve gotten a slightly earlier start on my aquatic block than I did for last month’s — my humu is sketched, and my project for this week is to draw over it with a ruler so it’s ready for sewing on. 🙂

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