Dance like…

no one is watching…dance what you feel…  Today we took the kids to the Kennedy Center to see a mini-performance of the Alvin Ailey Dance Company.  I love dance and though you could not tell by looking at me now, I took ballet all through high school and even took classes once I started teaching.  I love to move and love to watch dance of all sorts.  I had not been to the Kennedy Center in a while and as we entered and walked through the Hall of Flags, we looked up and there was this fabulous Chinese paper cut.We arrived early and had wonderful seats right up front.  As we waited the dancers came and did their warm ups and stretching right on the stage, something we would not see at a regular performance.  The dancing was inspiring and my kids were great, engaged and appreciative.  And to top off a great performance, the staff was skillful at emptying out a 2000 seat theater full of school kids.  Yes, I did get the number of zeroes correct 🙂  We were back at school 20 minutes after the performance ended.  So, turn on some tunes, flex, stretch, and get your dance on!



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2 responses to “Dance like…

  1. Barbara

    Wow! Wish I had been there! And I didn’t know you were a dancer – what else will I learn that you do?

  2. Sounds like a fab school trip. I was watching some teachers trying to heard a bunch of 7 or 8 year olds out of the art cinema opposite the fabric shop at lunchtime yesterday, and was thinking I was rather glad I wasn’t them!

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