Finally February is done!  I finished one February block early in the month, before I started in earnest the pillow for the pillow talk swap.  Then I started the second one and made a miscut, so the pieces were not the correct size…and it was late at night…so I stopped….and did not go back for a bit.  Yesterday was Science Day for the middle school…a carefully orchestrated day with a big assembly, a design challenge and demos and lessons taught by our high school students.  A good day, but an exhausting one for the members of the Science Department.  Strangely energizing also.  I went home and finished the block  🙂  I quickly took this picture in fading light, went and swam my 1500, picked up KT at the metro, swung by Chipotle for a take home dinner for the gang, ate, and watched most of PR before I fell asleep.  Now, who was sent home??



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2 responses to “Finally!

  1. Well done for conquering your block, sounds like an exhausting day!

  2. Barbara

    I was sent home! How fun to see that note! I love your block – it is gorgeous, and I’ll be emailing.

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