We both met downtown after work and went to the International Spy Museum – last day to use those groupons!  Sorry, but no pictures allowed there…a fun place to visit!  Then we took a walk down 7th street with a stop at Cosi to pick up salads for dinner.  Warning – I choose to bring a pocket camera rather than my usual one – picture quality lacks…plus the light was waning by the time we left the museum – imagine it all in the spirit!

A stroll through the mall…

by the monument…

and into a sea of humanity…we knew that it would be crowded, but this crowded?  And who told all of those tourists to pack sundresses and shorts for DC in March???

A quick pass by the tulip library

and a lovely picnic dinner under the cherry trees sitting on the edge of the Tidal Basin.

followed by a visit to the new Martin Luther King Memorial.

Light was really getting low then and we strolled the rest of the way around the Tidal Basin.

and then back to the Metro

An evening with my  daughter…priceless.


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  1. Looks like a fun day – International spy museum? How cool! Shame I missed that, I think my friend was too busy chatting up the guard at the monument lol

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