WIP – Post Spring Break :)

Spring Break is over – and just for the record I actually did get into a bathing suit and into the water.  I even have a few tan lines to prove it!  Any hoo…I came back and made a big push to get my reports finished on time.  Anyone who knows me very well knows how much I stress about grades and writing reports.  It went relatively smoothly on Saturday and so that allowed me to play a bit on Sunday, interspersed with editing.

Pretty{little} Pouch Swap – This is what I worked on Sunday.  I know that my partner likes to knit and I always wanted to make a little knitting bag…so hopefuylly she will like one also!

 At first I was going to put the measuring tape fabric up the side, then decided that I would like it better at the top.  I did not yet get a picture of the inside ( believe it or not, my camera card is full with 2500 or so pictures!) but it is another knitting print with a white background and I even included a plastic ring in a side seam that you can feed the yarn through.  I used the this tutorial from In Color Order.  Thank you Jeni!

 Knitted baby blanket – A flight to the West Coast, plenty of knitting time in CA and then a flight home…here is my progress on the baby blanket for colleague’s baby.  Hopefully I will finish it before the baby is born!

Pillow Talk {Swap} – It came while I was away on break…first I received a package from Ireland, but that was from a bee mate…and then one from Australia…another bee mate…and then on the next call home my mom said that I had a package from Thailand…Thailand!  How exciting!  I did not want to wait until I got home to hear about it, so I had my mom open the package and describe it.  Here is what wonderful Thanalak sent me.

Piece Bee with You – For April I need to make a block that has to do with what you do when you are sick.  I am thinking of something along the lines of curling up with a blanket or stuffed animal and a book.  Not quite sure how I will pull this off…we shall see !

Aqua and Red Bee  – This bee has two people per month, and I am one of the April Queen Bees.  Therefore I only have to make one other block for this bee – have received it, but not done anything with it yet.  Soon…

[3×6] Sampler Mini-Bee – I got out the grid paper and the colored pencils and am finally making some progress here!

No Progress

Green Holiday Project – On hiatus – but I don’t want to forget about it.

Supernova quilt from Freshly Pieced – the borderless wonder!

Summer Sampler Series – These well behaved blocks are sitting somewhere in the sewing room.

I am linking up to Lee at freshly pieced – I love to go and look at what others are doing…so much inspiration



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4 responses to “WIP – Post Spring Break :)

  1. Knitting at the beach seems like a contradiction in terms somehow lol

  2. That knitting bag is adorable.

  3. Lovely knitting bag. I need one myself.

  4. Love the cute little pouch those sheep gave me a chuckle! Hope you get all your still to do’s done =D

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