Pretty{little} Pouch Swap – This is due in the mail by Friday.  Here is the pouch/knitting bag again.  Thanks for all of the sweet comments on it.

I was going to make another smaller pouch to go with it, but am sort of running out of time.  I started this stitching to be the center of it.

Confession#1:  It is wet because I gave it a bath to wash out the marker that I used for the lettering – but wanted to get a photo of it – at 5:30 in the morning – before going to work.  I am afraid that the wonkiness of some of the letters is not just because of the angle of the photo.  Oh, well.  Originally I thought that it would be the basis of a smaller pouch, but as I am running out of time, I think that it will be a wee wall hanging, just some log cabin strips around it.  Red or blue?

Knitted baby blanket – Not much progress this week – it did not even merit a new picture!

Piece Bee with You – For April I need to make a block that has to do with what you do when you are sick.  Still contemplating this one!

Aqua and Red Bee  – This bee has two people per month, and I am one of the April Queen Bees.  Received two of my blocks already 🙂

[3×6] Sampler Mini-Bee – Confession #2  I thought that the mailing date was April 20.  So it turned out that it was April 15.  My swap mama did a little check in to see if all was well, reminding me of the date.  I shifted into high gear and got them done.  Really, all of the planning and leg work was done, just not the actual sewing.  Here they are:

I am rather pleased with them, and they were in the mail on time!

Green Holiday Project – On hiatus

Supernova quilt from Freshly Pieced – the borderless wonder!

Summer Sampler Series – These well-behaved blocks are sitting somewhere in the sewing room.

I am linking up to Lee at freshly pieced – I love to go and look at what others are doing…so much inspiration



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3 responses to “WIP

  1. Barbara

    I am in love with the pouch! Can I commission one exactly like it? The material is wonderful. Xxoo

  2. lynne, I love the stitchery. Those blocks are wonderful too!

  3. Great job this week! I’m still pondering my Piece Bee With You block…

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