In honor of Earth Day…

Earth Day is cold and wet here in DC.  I did not do much but snuggle in and sew and read…and I don’t feel bad because I really do try to do the “Earth Day –  Day” routine – but last week was my earth week.  On Sunday was stream monitoring of the stream that goes by my backyard.  The part that we study is a bit downstream from my yard.   Here is the look upstream  and down stream from where we study.  A different group did the netting this time and we think that they mussed it up a bit as we did not find nearly as many invertebrates as we did other times.  As we find little critters, they go into the sections of the ice cube trays.  And guess who joined me this time?  The end of the week was also fun.  KT finished work early on a glorious Friday afternoon and after two days of parent conferences I was ready for a bit of fun.  What better place to go but the zoo!  It was only mildly crowded (I scored an easy parking spot!) but most impressive was the high activity level of the animals!  Look who we got to see…

I really think that these guys were just showing off!

And these guys…well we never heard or saw so much activity!  There was calling/growling from enclosure to enclosure and then these two guys start chasing each other  – quite the show!

And finally, the turtles just chillin.

All in all….a good day at the zoo.


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