WIP – the end of April!

Pretty{little} Pouch Swap – Last week I showed the stitching for my Keep Calm and Stitch On embroidery.  I wanted to make a pouch because I might have wandered a bit away from what my partner wanted, but I was running out of time so thought that it might just be a teeny, tiny mini-quilt.  However, it did become a pouch.  Because it had to dry when I washed out the blue marking pencil, I had to finish the interior sewing at work.  Thankfully I have a set of sewing machines in my room that we use for community service.  Hence, the pictures were taken on my glossy lab tables – not the most artistic shots!

And the back is Kona with a crown on it.

 I added in a beaded knitted bracelet that I had made and a row counter for knitting, so here is the final package

 Piece Bee with You – For April I need to make a block that has to do with what you do when you are sick.  I came up with two ideas, but the person who I am making it for actually likes the idea that my daughter came up with.  What do you want with you when you are sick?  The TV remote!  One remote block coming right up!

Aqua and Red Bee  – This bee has two people per month, and I am one of the April Queen Bees.  Received two of my blocks already 🙂  Here is the converging corners block that I made for a bee mate.

[3×6] Sampler Mini-Bee – Done, sent, received, and signed up for solids again.  Woo hoo!

I knit a bit more on the baby blanket – bit it is not picture worthy.

For here on it is same old, same old  😦

Green Holiday Project – On hiatus

Supernova quilt from Freshly Pieced – the borderless wonder!

Summer Sampler Series – These well-behaved blocks are sitting somewhere in the sewing room.

I am linking up to Lee at freshly pieced – I love to go and look at what others are doing…so much inspiration


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  1. Fun idea on the pouch! I really need to work on that Piece Bee With You block too…

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