WIP at the start of May

My sewing machine is getting lonely!  A week of jury duty threw me for a loop as I have the kind of job that you do jury duty during the day and  then spend the evening figuring out what my substitute will do the next day.  I occasionally get into a grading hole – just too many things to grade – and things that take a long time per item.  I now am in the Marianas Trench of grading 😦  When I feel like that it is hard to find time to sew – yet I find sewing to be a great stress reliever.  With that said, I did do a bit in the last few days…

 Piece Bee with You – I was late making the April block.  I actually finished it just today.  Once I decided to make the remote for the  “What I want when I am sick” quilt, it was a matter of making it happen.  Here it is, finally!

Modern She Made Swap – Somehow I jumped at doing this, and perhaps should not have…but I did.  I have an idea – unfortunately it was a sketch on my jury duty pad during an extended discussion up with the judge – but I still have the idea in my mind and just today started on it.  It has to have circles…hmmm.  I am thinking of making this an oceany theme.

 Aqua and Red Bee  – I am behind on some other things, so the May blocks will wait a bit.

[3×6] Sampler Mini-Bee – Done, sent, received, and signed up for solids again, but these are not due until July – plenty of time once school is out!

I knit a bit more on the baby blanket – bit it is still not picture worthy.

For here on it is same old, same old  😦

Green Holiday Project – On hiatus

Supernova quilt from Freshly Pieced – the borderless wonder!

Summer Sampler Series – These well-behaved blocks are sitting somewhere in the sewing room.

I am linking up to Lee at freshly pieced – I love to go and look at what others are doing…so much inspiration



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3 responses to “WIP at the start of May

  1. Hope you swim out of that trench soon!

  2. Boy, you’ve got a lot going on! Gives me heart palpitations to type it all up in one place.
    Clever Piece Bee With You block!

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