Close encounters of the otterly peacock kind!

We love to go to the zoo and are members of FONZ – their support organization.  So we get emails for special events.  One of the events we could sign up for was the preview of the new otter exhibit.  Otters…how could we not go, even if it was at 8:00 on a Saturday morning!  Well, the scoop is that the zoo just got a new family of 11 otters.  The family is underwritten by Whole Foods, so they got naming rights

Hmm, they are all named after foods except Kevin.  Don’t you just want to know who Kevin is that he got an otter named after him?  So here are the pictures of these wonderfully curious creatures…

This adorable threesome

and this guy has his trophy crab that he carried around with him…

Finally, the otter parade.  One would scamper off and then the others would soon follow after

For those of you familiar with the National Zoo in DC, there is a Bird House off of Asia Trail.  Since it was such a beautiful morning, and all of the animals seemed really active, so instead of walking into the Bird House as we would usually do, we walked around it, and among other birds found these wonderful flamingos mostly sleeping in the sun.  Then we went into the outdoor aviary which we had not done in a very long time.  Some other visitors alerted us to the nearby peacock and then under the bush we saw this extremely well camouflaged baby. Isn’t it tiny!

The peacock flew to this next landing and we walked there to see his back, in full display.

Another visitor, either a professional photographer or a really, really, serious amateur, said that the bird was calm and that it was ok to walk to his front, which I did.  He was so still, just like he was showing off.

Aren’t the feathers beautiful?

Finally, after several minutes, he started to put down his feathers and turn around.  That is when he saw KT and  made an enormous squawk!  Check out KT’s skirt.  Perhaps he thought that she was another male peacock!



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2 responses to “Close encounters of the otterly peacock kind!

  1. ROFLMAO, yeah, I want to know about Kevin too! I suppose KT’s lucky he didn’t try and mate 😉

  2. Barbara

    Can you find out about Kevin? It seems many of us want to know! These photos are great – yet another thing to do once work is done. 🙂

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