WIP – The ocean theme

The ocean theme…as in I am still at the bottom of the ocean grading wise.  Lest you think that I have not been doing anything, but those tests and lab reports just keep on coming in!  As a result, not much to show…but here goes…

Modern She Made Swap – I am making progress on this.  Still working on the ocean theme.  Here is the what will be the base of the pillow top.

I am now ready to layer with batting and muslim so that I can make the waves as planned – hand quilited with embroidery floss.  Below is the orignal sketch, but now I am thinking of doing some echo quilting.

The only other thing that was done was doing the binding on the quilts that my community service group did at school.  Today we go to deliver them to Children’s Hospital.  Many thanks to my mom who finished the handwork.  Here are the finished quilts.

 That’s all they wrote, folks!

I am linking up to Lee at freshly pieced – I love to go and look at what others are doing…so much inspiration



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2 responses to “WIP – The ocean theme

  1. You’ll get all wrinkly if you stay down there too long you know 😉

    Great quilts for the kids 🙂

  2. I love the block with the curves in the blues – it’s so pretty! 🙂

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