Finally…a finish, but a look at process.

It seems as if I have been working on this pillow forever.  Perhaps it just is because it was an evolving design, or because I added embroidery to it, or because I hand quilted a bit…and machine quilted.  This time I thought that I would like to share the process.  I had fun working with the quarter triangle templates when making this pillow, so wanted to use it in a different way.

My initial sketches are gone as they were doodles on jury room paper. Not to worry, not during the proceedings.  So I decided on a light blue background and blues and greens for the quarter circles.

Then I decided not to line them up but to offset them a bit.

So it started to speak ocean to me so I went with that and decided to embroider some fish and seaweed and coral with some waves at the top.  I made a photocopy and pieced it together so it was an actual size pattern and then drew out what I was going to stitch.  The fish is from Doodle Stitching, which I used as inspiration for the seaweed and coral.  I have lots of experience freehanding waves as I do it all of the time on the board when I teach about the Chesapeake Bay.

The idea was to put this up to the window and the fabric in front of it and trace.  That did not work so well and I needed two different colors of tracing implements so that I could see the lines on both dark and light fabric.  In the end I used the tracings as a rough guide.  At that point I also added a border.

Next I made a quilt sandwich and did some hand quilting for the waves and some machine stitching around the border and the pillow top was then complete.  You can see a bit of the machine quilting in the border here.

I made a sandwich for the back and quilted with wavy lines and inserted a zipper.  I tend to place the zip about one-third from one edge…not quite sure why…perhaps so that there isn’t too much bulk as I get to the corner.  Do you quilt the back?

I always have to think for a minute of how to put this together, both right sides out and then machine sew the binding on the front and hand sew the binding on the back.  The flattened cover looks like this…

and stuffed with a pillow it looks like this. 

Thanks for reading!  I love to hear about process, please comment!



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2 responses to “Finally…a finish, but a look at process.

  1. This pillow is really a work of art. I love the ocean theme (and colors) and your hand embroidery.
    Linda F.

  2. Such a fun idea, working all the way through to the embroidery :o)

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