WIP – progress on the ridiculist

I am making more progress on the ridiculous list – my hopes for what I will get to do over the summer – which has become the riduculist!

  • Finish the granny blocks for the Aqua and Red Bee.   CHECK! 
  • Make a test block for the 3×6  Sampler Quilt Mini-Bee .  CHECK!
  • Make my starter block for the Quilt Around the World II bee.  CHECK!
  • Quilt Around the World II Bee is a bee in which you make a starter block and send it off to the next person in a chain of 25 quilters around the world.  When a block gets to you, you make a block according to the desires of the blocks’s owner, check out the blocks that the other quilters have made, and then make a block and send it on its way.  I received the first Quilt Around the World block from Fairly Merry and made a block to complement hers.  Here is what I made…  and here are the two together
  • Make a favorite thing block for Piece Bee With You.  CHECK!  Originally when I thought of my favorite thing I thought that I was going to make trees.  I did  not want to just make an evergreen tree as I did not want it to look too Christmasy.  Trees really had a tight race with snow, and I do love snow, so I went with snow.  So many adults don’t appreciate snow, but I love it!  I don’t mind shoveling, especially if I get the day off!  Snow days are little gifts from heaven…sew days.  Enough of that…I made a snowflake, and my label says that snow flakes mean snow days!
  • Make a house/building block for Piece Bee With You
  • Make the 6 solids blocks for the 3×6 Sampler Quilt Mini-Bee
  • Put together all of the blocks from 2 rounds of the Aqua and Red Bee to make a queen sized quilt for my daughter.
  • Make a baby quilt for the Chinese teacher at school.  Her baby is not due until mid-August, so I have a bit of time, but I already have a plan and the fabric.
  • Design a layout for my blocks from Piece Bee With You.  The theme was under the sea and I have a jellyfish, seahorse, octopus and lots of different fish.

Okay, and now for things that I would like to do…let’s be realistic here…

  • Make some New York Beauty blocks
  • Put together my solids blocks
  • Finally finish the Supernova quilt
  • Make some placemats and potholders to use for holiday gifts.
  • Make some more reusable gift bags for the Green Holiday Project.

So, overall, this week’s stats…

  • Completed – two blocks, both sent on their way
  • New projects – none
  • Currently in progress – lots!

I am linking up to Felicity who is subbing for Lee at Freshly Pieced.  Check out all of the other wonderful things being created!



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3 responses to “WIP – progress on the ridiculist

  1. The snow block is great!

  2. Heh, good luck with all that!

  3. Great finishes! I should follow your lead and get a head start on my holiday sewing…

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