Powerless after the derecho

About 2 years ago I agonized over the idea of taking some tall trees down.  One evergreen definitely had to go as it was growing around the porch.  The other were tall silver maples that would hit the house if they went down.  I guess that it was the right thing to do.  They are calling what went through on Friday night a derecho.  All of these pictures are from within one block of my house.  Check this out…

PEPCO says we might not have power until July 6…and unfortunately it is going to be hot.  And, my neighborhood has underground power, so none of these trees are the cause of us being powerless.



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4 responses to “Powerless after the derecho

  1. Barbara

    Oh my goodness! What a calamity! I am glad you were spared but am so sorry for your neighbors. Also, I hope you are doing o.k. In the heat.

  2. Carol F.

    It is always so sad when stately trees are uprooted or damaged in storms.
    Sorry to hear that the power company seems to think it will be so long before your power is restored during this record breaking heat.

  3. Definitely a wise move then! One of my colleagues had a tree go through the roof of his house when we had bad storms in January, the worst thing was it was his neighbours’ tree and it took months before it was all sorted. At the moment we’re just flooding (and some unfortunately drowning down south) after a June where it hasn’t stopped raining for even 24 hours straight o.O

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