Thumbs down, Thumbs up – WIP

Well, power was restored to my house yesterday.  There are still some areas that still have no electricity, so a thumbs down for Pepco.  However, an enormous thumbs up for the city of Rockville.  The curb trees in our neighborhood belong to the city.  Pin oaks were planted when the development was built, 40 years ago.  They became these wonderful tall and stately trees, but then many succumbed to a disease and were replaced.  Many, however remained and were hit hard by the derecho.  The morning after the storm the city had crews out there taking down the branches that were sitting on cars, blocking the street, etc.  People have been doing  lots of trimming and cleanup, raking and dragging the limbs to the curb, hoping for eventual pickup.  Eventual was today, less than a week after the storm.  Two large trucks with cranes attached went street by street collecting all of the debris at the curb.  My tax dollars at work!

This really is also a WIP Wednesday post….yes, I do know that it is Thursday…and since we had no power most of the time – so no machine and no light – I don’t have much to show….just this…

This is the second of three round flower sashiko embroideries.  Pretty wrinkled, yes, because I cannot iron it until I am finished, otherwise the lines will wash out.  Hopefully this next week I will be able to make more progress on The Ridiculist.

As always, check out what the creative crafters are doing at  Freshly Pieced


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  1. Yay for good cleanup crews! Loving the look of your embroidery too :o)

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