Photo Safari

or is it safari photos?    In the  Piece Bee With You  this is Dorrylu’s month and she asked for blocks that have to do with photography.  Recently I was discussing with a friend how digital photography has changed the way that I take pictures.  I feel that I can take more risks, because it does not really cost me anything…there is that great delete button.  Truth be told, I rarely delete photos – I just am selective about the photos that I crop and post.  Any hoo…I still think of getting back those glossy photos in gold envelopes with the negatives tucked in the back and of the film strips and movies that we had in school.  If you didn’t line up the holes on the sprocket correctly – it did not work.  So in thinking about what to do, I thought of those long negative strips.  I dove into my stash for a print that I could fussy cut and then into the solids bin for black and white.  I decided to make some “honest” photos – the kinds that I would have made, with pieces chopped off and not perfect.  Here is what I have so far..

I am not sure what to do from here … sew them together like this with background inbetween…set them randomly on background as if they have fallen out of the envelope …or make it into one loooong block – Dorrylu said any shape, any size.  Suggestions, please!



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4 responses to “Photo Safari

  1. Love the headless zebra! What fun.

  2. I really like your idea to sew them as if they had fallen from the packet. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Barbara

    Brilliant idea! I frankly will let you decide what to do – your creative decisions seem to work. I like them in a strip but also think the random idea is fun, too. See what it looks like.

  4. Fun! I’d go for random on a white background

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