Whoops!  Butterflies!  When we were in Santa Barbara we went to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History – can never pass these museums by.  They had an exhibit called Butterflies Alive, similar to an outdoor aviary, but for butterflies.  I have been to these before, but this one seemed to have an exceptional number of butterflies.  Here are some of my best shots.  I had fun figuring out the names!


Black Swallowtail

Luna Moth




Pipevine swallowtail

In sorting through my pictures, I was really hoping that some of the Monarch pictures were really Viceroys, but they all seem to have the black and white spotted rim which Monarchs have and Viceroys don’t.  Overall, however, lot of good variety.

On the sewing front, no pics to show, but I am making headway on assembling the aqua and red quilt top.  Hopefully I will have something to show by Wednesday….



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2 responses to “Flutterbys!

  1. Lots of beautiful flutterbys 🙂

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