There was land and there was sea…

The same day that we went to the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum, we also went to the Ty Warner Sea Center on the wharf which is part of the same organization.  One of the very first exhibits that we saw was about these….have you ever found one on the beach?  Sometimes they are called mermaid purses.

These are really the egg cases of sharks and skates, dead or already hatched.  What was really cool about this exhibit was that they had living cases with the sharks developing inside of them.  If this was video you would be able to see them move…go ahead, imagine them wriggling around inside of the case.  And here is what they become…

Unfortunately I did not think to record the kind of sharks these were…but there was also a touching pool so that you could pet the sharks.  Hmm…..

The next set of tanks had great starfish and sea urchins.

Upstairs were the jellyfish…enjoy!

Ok, truth be told, the last ones were not red and pink…there was changing lighting in the tank.  I could not resist taking the picture of the unusual coloring, as it was just so pretty.

 On the continuing saga of the aqua and red quilt, yesterday I cut and arranged the fabric for the pieced back and sewed some of the borders on.  I usually get plenty of fabric, figuring that it is always good to have scraps.  I have been supersizing this queen sized quilt since the new mattresses are so deep, so this is one time when I wished I had bought more border and backing fabric.  It definitely will be a very scrappy quilt!


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