Wrestling a Quilt WIP

I really do feel that this Aqua and Red  Quilt has been fighting back!  I have done more ripping and redoing of seams on this quilt than I have ever done before.  Since I sew in a room upstairs and then take the quilt downstairs to the kitchen to press seams and to the living room to spread out on the rug to see how it looks, there are little threads everywhere.  Here is a not so great picture of the beast…threads and all…it is hard to find a space and it is very overcast today.

In addition, we found fun fabric for the back center panel…       from the Brrr line by Laurie Wisbrun and then I found another snowflake fabric to go on the sides of the bears.  However, just before I sewed the panels together I found that the fabric has these spots where the fabric did not take the dye…look at the white spots on the upper left and lower center.  I have not found anything else locally that I like.  I think that the quilt shop will let me exchange it (I bought 7 yards and I would consider that a defect in the fabric) but they don’t have anything else that I want to use….and I have arranged to take it all to the longarm quilter on Friday.  What would you do?  I am open to suggestions!

On a more positive note, here is what else I have been doing….while away I finished the third of three sashiko panels.  I think that they go together nicely. 

And, here is the rest of my to do list:

  • When I returned from California I had two Quilt Around the World II blocks waiting for me.  I need to get going on those.
  • Make a baby quilt for the Chinese teacher at school.  Her baby is not due until mid-August, so I have a bit of time, but I already have a plan and the fabric.
  • Design a layout for my blocks from Piece Bee With You.  The theme was under the sea and I have a jellyfish, seahorse, octopus and lots of different fish.

Okay, and now for things that I would like to do…let’s be realistic here…

  • Make some New York Beauty blocks
  • Put together my solids blocks
  • Finally finish the Supernova quilt
  • Make some placemats and/ or potholders to use for holiday gifts.
  • Make some more reusable gift bags for the Green Holiday Project.

As always, check out what the creative crafters are doing at  Freshly Pieced



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9 responses to “Wrestling a Quilt WIP

  1. Dee

    Mercy, that is a huge quilt! I’m not sure what I would do about the defect. I like the fabric! but you’ve obviously worked so hard on the front…

    Whatever you decide, you have to be happy with it in the end. It’s a beautiful quilt!

  2. What an amazing quilt! I would probably use the fabric if it was only a hand full of spots. The quilting will detract from the spots anyway.

  3. Well you keep battling that quilt into submission! Love the fabric for the back, and I can’t actually see the defects…

  4. The quilt is beautiful! Love it!

  5. I love how the Aqua and Red quilt turned out! The defect on the Brrr fabric isn’t noticeable in the photo (though it may be up close).

    Looking forward to seeing your Piece Bee project!

  6. heartsease57

    If it was me, I’d just get a red Micron pen and go over the white spots with it. Micron pens are permanent and should be available in a local quilt shop or office supply store. Beautiful quilt & I think Laurie’s polar bears will be perfect on the back.

  7. Lynn, I just love this red and turquoise quilt. It turned out so pretty. I would not hesitate to use the backing fabric you have chosen. I can’t even find one of the spots you mentioned.

  8. Wow – that is a fantastic quilt! I’m not sure what I would do about the backing but I guess since it is now Fri night you have probably already decided?

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