Today I get to see…

children!  Finally!  Staff week is filled with meetings and does not me leave much time to really think deeply about what happens when the children show up.  Today is Open House, two hours of meet and greet between teachers, student and parents.  Since we are not a neighborhood school, there are joyous reunions between friends who have not seen each other all summer.  I get to meet my new students for this year and many of my kids from last year stop by to say hello.  It is a wild two hours…I am always torn between time with the kids – who I will see again tomorrow – and meeting parents who I might not see again for a while…but I love it!

And since I like each post to have a picture…what is more appropriate than a zoo pic!  I realized that I never did a post of my trip to the San Diego Zoo this summer.  Although the National Zoo has pandas, it seems that they are never visible.  At the San Diego Zoo this summer we had to stand on line to see the panda (they even have two lines… a speedy/keep moving line and a more leisurely take your time line) and I even changed camera lenses…rare for me!  This guy put on quite a show for us!


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  1. Oh dear, poor you, children! Actually, you probably aren’t worried, but it would terrify me!

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