Take care of your loved ones…ramblin’ thoughts plus a bit of sewing and general life

I know, long time , no post.  Been busy…lots on my mind.  I went to a funeral yesterday…for the spouse of a former colleague.  It was a lovely service, you got so much a sense of the person.  It was a service that had both music and laughter.  Later in the day, back at school, it prompted discussion of the fragility of life, and sometimes how soon someone leaves us.  As adults, can we help support our families and loved ones by doing important ground work?  Yes, and please do.  It saddens me when I hear of a colleague with children, but no will.  Plan ahead for your kids…and then hope the plan is never needed, but plan…let them know who their guardian would be – who would care for them.  Do you have up-to-date living wills or health care directives?  Let your loved ones how you would like things handled after you pass…where you go, what you would like your service to be like.  It really is a very loving thing to do.

OK, I have now expressed those thoughts.  Now on to the lighter side…I am back at work…can you tell?  On Saturday I did get to spend a full day sewing with the DC Modern Quilt Guild.  I was working on a quilt for 100 Quilts for Kids and this is what I had by the end of the day. 

I did not get too far…too much talking and sharing 🙂  I aim to do more this weekend.

The next day the family went to Butlers Farm, a local pick your own produce.

KT hauled in the most raspberries.  The aisles were wide and level enough for my mom -the farm girl- to get out there.  We even got to dig our own potatoes…purple ones!!! 

This past weekend I did the machine in gear to finish this block for Quilt Around the World II Bee.  This is from the Solstice Stars Series at Fresh Lemons.  I changed up the color/background  placement, a bit unintentionally…just a wee whoops!

And that is all for now!



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3 responses to “Take care of your loved ones…ramblin’ thoughts plus a bit of sewing and general life

  1. I like your block. Raspberry picking sounds like fun. We did some apple picking this fall.

  2. Mary Jo

    the ops is good. The color selection makes me smile.Thank you

  3. I think the oopsies make life more interesting – and cause us to think on our feet. Good job!

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