Is October the cruelest?

Swirling in my brain is the saying that March is the cruelest month…is that right?  Well, right or not, right now I feel that October is the cruelest month, at least the most stressful.  My crew at work is always busy this time of year, with a 3 day outdoor trip with the kids and then the end of the quarter which means grades and writing comments for report cards and parent conferences.  This always happens, and we know it, but because of how the stars and planets are aligned this year, it is happening in a compressed schedule.  And yes, we do feel compressed!  Well, sewing does let a bit of the stress leak away, as long as while I am doing it I am not worrying about how I am going to get everything else done.  In other words, I won’t have much to show this month – talk to me November 3rd!

But…the beast of a quilt was ready for to pick up from the long-arm quilter , so get it I did…and now I have this to look at while try to get things done. 

Some folks plan out the binding ahead of time.  I usually do not, and this time it was good that I did not.  I often like to use a stripe binding.  I totally had forgotten that I had used this great stripe in the border so I want something else for the binding.  What do you think – a red or aqua print for binding?



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3 responses to “Is October the cruelest?

  1. Barbara

    As always, I leave that to your best color judgement – far better than mine. It looks pretty spectacular!

  2. Oh man, sorry October’s out to get you, hope November is better!

  3. Hopefull you can see the light coming towards you as November approaches.

    I would so go with an aqua and white hue as you have your red border on the other side of the stripped border.

    This really looks lovely! I’m so excited to see my blocks in there

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