Is the end in sight?

This has been my busy part of the fall…Bay trip, end-of-quarter with grades and reports and then this week two days of parent conferences.  So I had passed by several swap opportunities, but decided to join this one – Modernista Swap.  Each round focuses on a different room in  your home, and this was kitchen.  Once I received who I was sending to and their colors and preferences…I did some planning.  Here was the fabric pull

Pretty, eh?  It got to the point that I was worried about getting it done, that I did not take progress picutres…mostly because it seemed to be limited to nighttime photos.  I made lots of half-square triangle to make a table runner and then added a pot holder.  Here are the fronts of each…remember that the fabric pull  picture gives a better sense of color.

and here is the back of the runner…

and the back of the potholder…

Hope that she likes it!  Today is the deadline to send, but with Frankenstorm here, I am not going out, so hopefully she is good at waiting 🙂

And my swap partner was the first person to send her’s out…here is what I received –

Pretty sweet!  Now, just to wait for the storm to arrive!



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2 responses to “Is the end in sight?

  1. Tara

    Yay, so glad you liked your item. I just made a runner in the same shape as your top one this morning…I could not figure out how to get the two sides to be all nice and pointy with the binding like you did!

  2. Hope the storm didn’t impact you too much. Living here on the Gulf Coast, we have had lots of opportunities to experience scary storms – but most of them end with hot, humid weather. Hope you are safe and warm. The runner is lovely! I’m sure your partner will love it!

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