I made it!

I knew that it would be a really busy 3 or 4 weeks…and November 2 was to be the end of my personal surge.  I have finished the Bay trip, end of quarter grades and report writing and even parent conferences.  Superstorm Sandy did give me a bit of a reprieve in the constant pressure at school, but the two days home from work were spent sadly watching the devastation of NY and NJ and monitoring a brewing family mini-crisis on the west coast.  Since I grew up on the south shore of Long Island, many of the places that Sandy hit were familiar to me.  However, of course, what did I do between watching the news and calling the west coast?  Sew, of course….the great de-stressor!  I am backlogged on several bees, so getting one done made me feel good. I needed tomake a blue and green star for Caliquilter for the Quilt Around the World II Bee.  I always wanted to make a compass block, so I made this one that is called Which Way North from the Compass Collection from Quilting on the Square.

I am happy with how it came out.  Here is the collection of stars…the original one is in the center.

Aren’t they beautiful!  We started in June, and this set is now more than a third of the way through its travels around the world.

Now, I have the next two sitting in the sewing room to do!


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  1. Wow! All those blocks are so beautiful!! I love the colours you’ve used.

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