Two more down…

I am still trying to get caught up after the busyness of the fall.  I had three Quilt Around the World II blocks..then one was done and sent off on Saturday.  Here is the next one…The participant wanted aqua, grey and yellow blocks, any style.  So here is what I came up with.  The design is called Quatrefoil from Modify Traditions.

Here all of the blocks in a group.  The original block is top center.

I also finally finished the filmstrip block for Piece Bee with You.  During the summer I made these pieces…

OK, I know that it is upside down, but cannot just yet figure out how to put it right side up..oh well, eventually!  I was not sure if it would look best with parallel strips or angled, so I asked Dorrylu who is a fabulous quilter, and she preferred angles…so there you go!

I have a bit of minor hand surgery today, so I am not sure when I will quilt again.  I even cleaned up the sewing room!  Wish me well!



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2 responses to “Two more down…

  1. I hope the surgery went well! You picked a good place to pause. Everything looks lovely!

  2. Those blocks look lovely!! I hope your hand heals well and quickly, that sounds uncomfortable…

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