No sewing going on here…but trying to do some good…

Surgery went well, but just try to keep your dominant hand clean and dry for 10 days.  It is not easy!  Writing is still hard and very sloppy, but at least I have enough control to type, but the one finger is so bandaged that there are certain letters on the keyboard (k and i and their neighbors) that I need to compensate for.  In the meantime, here is a quilt that I finished just before the surgery…

It is large – an oversize queen quilt.  Most of the blocks are from 2 rounds of the Aqua and  Red bee, before it sort of fell apart…two of us never received all of our blocks back 😦  I added more blocks and then did the layout.  The back has two fabrics…this snowflake one and the polar bears…I just love these guys!

The quilting was done by Maria O’Haver…isn’t it lovely?

On another note…I am a Long Island girl and was deeply saddened to see what happened to that area.  If you are from the DC/Baltimore area and going to hear Jay McCarroll this weekend, and have any quilts to donate to that area, I will gladly collect them and see that they are sent there.  Here is the link to the plea that I saw and where I will send them:

Take care!



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3 responses to “No sewing going on here…but trying to do some good…

  1. Hey Lynn,
    I have at least two I can bring you. See you Sunday!

  2. I love those bears too, and the quilting! Hope the hand’s better soon 🙂

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