Trying something new on T-day

Thanksgiving morning tends to be cook, cook, cook.  Last year my daughter decided to run in the local Turkey Chase which is held Thanksgiving Day morning, so of course I went and cheered her on and then went home to cook, cook, cook.  Well, she signed up again, and I decided to volunteer this time.  I was an official race monitor, complete with a spiffy orange vest, my race official sign, an assigned intersection and police instructions.  Not only did I help them run the race which benefits the local YMCA programs, but I saw some adults and students that I know, including two past students that even stopped running and came and gave me big hugs and chatted for a few minutes – yes, I know the clock was ticking…they were there for fun and not a personal best time!  I was also surprised by how may runners made a point of thanking the race monitors as they ran by us.  Drivers did not give me too hard a time for not letting them go through the intersection…although a few of them might not yet have realized that they were trapped in this triangle until the race was over 🙂  It was a good way to start the day, I did some good, got fresh air, saw some people, didn’t need to call 911 for any of the runners and when I returned home the turkey was already in the oven!


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