Play Day…

Yesterday was the last day before Winter Break. Mid-morning my daughter sent a text to say that she did not need to go to work and did I want to shop or have lunch together. You bet! What a deal. It was a beautiful day and I even found a parking spot near her apartment…not always an easy task with the zoo so nearby! We had a great afternoon and it was a perfect way to start my break!

Today I slept in and dawdled a bit getting up. I intended to go to the gym, but never quite got there…never got out of the yoga pants zone. However, here is what I got done! While digging in my fabric closet to try to find inspiration to make a few gifts, I came across this project. It was a Buck-a-Block program at my local quilt store, years ago. I had the blocks all made and even put into rows, so I finished putting the rows together and now just need to add the side borders.

black batik wall hanging

In the box with the blocks were the small extra blocks that were left over from making the various blocks. Bingo! Together they went to make these little pieces which will likely be gifted hot pads.

black mini-batik #1

black mini-batik #2

And… not only did I get those done. but went into the Christmas fabric box and put together 4 of these placemats.

placemat base

The fabric in the corner will be for the border. Yay! A fabric with a diagonal stripe so that I do not need to cut it on the bias. Now to figure out how to quilt all of these things. I am not a great – or even a good – free-motion quilter and I hate to mess up a project with my poor quilting skills, so I will need to find a straight line design that works. Please, please give me some ideas.


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  1. Looks like a good couple of days all round there. I always quilt in my jammies ;o)

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