A bit unfocused…

Saying that I am a bit unfocused this week is quite an understatement. However, I decided that I did want to be social and go to knitting group last night, but since it still bothers my hand to knit, I wanted some other handwork to bring. A while ago I had bought Doodle Stitching and found that doing these little pictures was a bit addicting. I was not sure what I was going to do with them. Then I saw this picture on flickr and that gave me the idea for molecules. So, I had stitched these little molecules on linen many months ago and they were just sitting there in a pile. In an hour or action I found the fabric and whipped up these little guys. This one is caffeine…
and the next one is of chocolate…two of my favorite molecules!
Here they are with my favorite mug, just for a sense of size.
zoolights 041
Coming up soon…my little adventures to Hillwood and Zoolights!



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5 responses to “A bit unfocused…

  1. These are adorable. But, is this really true? Are these really caffeine and chocolate? The only difference between them is H3C or HN in the one place? I find that amazing!
    Linda F.

  2. Gotta love a bit of benzene ring action!

  3. My heart actually started to flutter when I saw these in the Flickr pool!
    So, so cool 🙂

  4. Melanie

    You are so clever!

  5. Those are just too darned cute! I need to look up the molecule for tea… 😀

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