It has returned…

my sewing mojo, that is! I was a bit concerned that I had lost it when I was so distracted around the holidays and did not sew at all.  Things were piling up 😦  Two bee blocks were long overdue – I was not the only one late with the blocks, but it still does not sit right with me.  So after a great sewing day on Saturday, finishing up the sewing caddy, I got up yesterday morning and tackled this block.  For  Piece Bee With You Lotti had asked for classic British boys toys.  I first started a rocking horse, and it was an epic fail.  It is amazing how focused and productive I can be on a bright sunny morning when I do not need to go to work.  Here is what I made…double-decker bus

I was tempted to leave the wheels until later, but I pushed through and it was done.  Now onto the last block for this bee…keep on the lookout for the viewmaster block!



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6 responses to “It has returned…

  1. susana

    Me encanta su bloque.
    Hace un tiempo que he querido decirle que el caballito de madera no es un fracaso.El dibujo esta bien encaminado creo que voy a intentar hacerlo.CARIÑOS

  2. Barbara

    Love it! As well as the caddy. Keep that mojo going 🙂

  3. The wheels on the buss go round and round… 😉

  4. Your bus is so cute! I’m still trying to get myself to sew my house block — at least now I have it drawn out…! >_<

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