Catching up…

After my winter break, just as I was heading back to school, 4, count them 4 packages of blocks for QAWII arrived for me to work on.  I also had the blocks from Piece Bee With You to finish, as well as, cough, cough, the minor detail of the job that they actually pay me for.  It did not take me long to feel a bit stressed about it and overwhelmed.  Actually getting things done always makes me feel better, so last weekend when I completed the paper piecing blocks, I felt better.  And, I have also completed and sent off the first of the QAWII blocks.  Here it is…a star from the Desperate Housewives Quilt.DSC_0740

I think that it goes well with the others…the original starter block is just to the right of the one that I made.

February 2013 003

Now onward to the next QAWII block that I need to do…a rainbow colored star.  Is it so bad that I want to do the same star in different colors?



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2 responses to “Catching up…

  1. Oh I know those overwhelmed feelings! That block looks great though :o) BTW, your block arrived today, thank you!

  2. That is a suuuuper duper cool block. You did a great job! 🙂

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