Just in time…

I made it just in time. Every year my school has an auction to support financial aid. Many years ago most items were a silent auction with a live auction for the big ticket stuff. In recent years an online auction has replaced the online auction. My goal was to make a small wall hanging or table runner…which I did. I sort of advertised it as a small quilt since I wonder if a table runner goes in the category of housewares and hence might not fetch as much. I completed it and then realized that it had a wonky seam when the rest of it was not wonky. That just did not sit well with me, so I took it back and fixed it and just handed it back in at the end of last week. I did not realize how soon the auction started…today! I hope that it fares well! Kaffe's Bricks



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3 responses to “Just in time…

  1. I’m sure it will raise some much needed funds 🙂

  2. Hee, you’re so sneaky with the “small quilt” thing! 😀

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