Sewing Day!!!

Sunday was a sewing day for DCMQG members.  One of our members hosted us at her house…a frat house for which she is a house mother.  The students are on break, so we could use the large dining room to sew in.  Woo hoo!  A day of sewing.  We love to have sewing days, but we are growing and it is hard to find places that can accommodate us but don’t cost too much…or cost anything at all.  Where does your guild find to hold sewing days?

First up for me was to work on my improv block for the Simply Solids bee.  I had such fun playing with the colors in the big box of Kona solids.  I love this block so much that I almost don’t want to send if off…but I will.

solids improv

Next up was a block for Quilt Around the World II.  Amanda’s blocks are aqua and grey with a pop of color.  I made the quatrefoil block that I like so much.  Aqua and grey

Here it is with the rest of the blocks.  The original block is just below mine.  Sorry, but not the best lighting.  Aqua and Grey collection

Next up was something for me…working on my March goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes to finish up this batik wall hanging that I started ages ago.  Remember this one?  The one that I was using black batting for?black batik wall hangingI added the remaining border strips, layered it and started the quilting.  It was nice to have some folks around to discuss quilting options with 🙂  So far I have made double lines within the grid.



I am off to the other coast to tend to some family matters, so I foresee some hand work in my future.  Hopefully I can finish up this quilt when I return and still make my march goal!  Wish me luck!



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8 responses to “Sewing Day!!!

  1. great seeing all your accomplishments from the Frat house meeting. The Aqua and Gray quilt looks great and this black background with the primaries photographs so well. I especially love the images showing the backing. Glad that quilting design consult helped. I agree the group helps me too, not to mention all the fun we have sharing. Safe Travels!

  2. I love your improv block. It is bold and interesting.

  3. Good Luck with your goals and safe travels! I am in total agreement about the solids block, and think it should/could maybe inspire a whole fab quilt for yourself? I also really like the around the world block – online quilters have been really winning me over to grey recently!!

  4. You got loads done, well done :o)

  5. Great sewing day. One of my guilds is about 60 members. We rent one of the local agro center or a church hall. If we book the church hall on a week day it is $25/day/room and one room will fit 10 or more. If we need more room we can open the wall for the next room, so 20 fit nicely. The Agro centers hold 50 or so and I am not sure of the cost. We only do that for some of the big events.

  6. Goodness, you were productive! Your quatrefoil block is super cute! 🙂

  7. susana

    Increíble trabajo!Bello ,hermoso.

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