Sunny SoCal…

So I scooted out of school just a teeny bit early for spring break and headed to LA to work on settling a family matter.  After the initial law office visit, we needed to wait while the wheels of justice spit out documents at an excruciatingly slow pace.  So what else would you do…but go play.  Our first play day was to Griffith Park.  There was the zoo and botanic gardens – which even took my FONZ card for a big discount.  Here are some of our favorites…the Aldabra Tortoise – he’s just chilling… DSC_0868 And then there was this chimpanzee that looked a bit like ET and seemed to be cradling a towel/baby and going around in circles…DSC_0891

And then there were the giraffes…   DSC_0909And finally the koalas…we don’t have koalas at our zoo at home.  DSC_0955After that we went to Griffith Observatory at the other end of the park.  DSC_0982It is a beautiful old building that has recently been refurbished.  DSC_0980There was a scale model of the solar system pathways on the grounds.   DSC_0983And finally…great views…especially of sunset.




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2 responses to “Sunny SoCal…

  1. Ann

    Thank you for sharing the photos. I lived in LA for many years not far from Griffith Park (Silverlake neighborhood) and miss it so much!

  2. Looks like lovely places to visit. That was an active koala, you were lucky, they sleep about 22 hours a day!

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