April Goals..

One would think that my main April goal would be about quilting…but, oh there is so much more!

A.  I am in the middle of report writing and then next week will have parent conferences…Usually I write the reports while on spring break – yes, I know…. some vacation – but this year I was away.  Let’s try to fit a 40 hour job on top of a 50 hour week…not fun 😦

B.  I have this inventory hanging over my head.  It has to do with some family stuff going on.  Again, I just need a chunk of time with no distractions.  And when might that be?

C.  The fun stuff…my April goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes… Over the past several years I have made several sashiko kits.  They are fun and easy-going.  Do you remember these?

3 saahiko panels

Well here is the  fabric that I have selected to go with them.

DSC_0084My intention is to make a vertical wall quilt.  As I look at them now, I wonder if there is an orientation that would work both horizontally and vertically.  Hmmm…any comments or suggestions?



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6 responses to “April Goals..

  1. These are very pretty. I would think that they are not particularly directional and that you could sew them together with sashing of the other fabric and hang them either way. Or make pillows!

  2. Good luck with all those reports! I like the directions the panels are in at the moment 🙂

    Oh, BTW, did you volunteer to test for me? I got a comment from ‘Unknown’ that was no-reply, and that’s how you showed up last time!

    • Hi! I read your post about the bag…what a hoot! When I think of some of the things that I tried to make in my younger years…many half finished projects…so many different kinds of UFOs 🙂 I would have loved to be a tester but could not commit to being on time. I really am quite the upstanding citizen about my commitments – I have a job in which you need to be on time to the minute – that is why I am outraged that you only got 4 viewmaster blocks back. Soooo, I was not your no-reply blogger. I did look into the no-reply bit and found that it seems to be a wordpress – blogger issue. I presume that on the web I still show up as tinkingalong…so folks still have a way of contacting me. Back to the report writing….

  3. Sashiko kits? Why in the world have I never heard about those? Awesome-sauce. Yours look spectacular. Hope your 1 and 2 priorities give you some settle time to de-stress and decompress.

  4. Your sashiko blocks are pretty! Good luck with all your goals!

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